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Studio and is founded by Anouk.

I am a designer from Amsterdam, specialised in branding and information design. After many years working as a qual research director, a relocation from Amsterdam to Melbourne in 2014 also sparked a work move. I pursued my dream to dive into graphic design. While combining work at a brand consultant agency and studies at the Graphic Design School, my work focus organically moved from research & consultancy to information design and branding. After moving back to Amsterdam in 2016, I was hooked.

So here I am in 2019. Enjoying my design work, while my analytical research background still proofs to be of great value during the design process, especially while designing pieces of information.


Why the name ‘and’?

There's many reasons why, after months of doubt, I picked the name ‘and’. But let me just focus on 3 of them, for now…


I really enjoy this ongoing journey of development and learning … so not too many full stops for me.


Design is way more that making things look pretty.

Relevant and thoughtful design invites your target in and tells your story. It has the ability to explain and clarify complexity. Design helps you to stand out, have impact and be memorable.

I love to help people and brands to find a creative solution for telling their unique story.


Cooperation is key to succes. More minds spark energy and ideas, which benefits the results. So I prefer working in close cooperation with my clients. There’s lots of knowledge and ideas within a company, so I will kick-off a project together and will touch base frequently during the proces.

Where needed I will not hesitate to reach out to the target group, making sure we understand their lives, their needs, knowing which elements are spot-on or where we need to refine, adjust and improve.

I love collaborating with other professionals. One of my fave partners in crime is Judith van Vliet. Her fabulous skills in communications, strategic advice & information design are indispensable in the projects we run together.


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