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With a background in graphic design, brand strategy and qualitative market research, Anouk can best be described as a thoughtful designer.


About the studio


Studio and is founded by Anouk. She is based in Amsterdam and specialised in brand identity design and information design.

With a background in graphic design, brand strategy and qualitative market research, Anouk can best be described as a thoughtful designer.

Her analytical research background proofs to be of great value during the design process. “I believe great design is best served if grounded in a strong and and well thought out foundation. So before any design is done, we will first spend sufficient time defining the (brand) strategy and start building from there. This enables design with a clear purpose, long-lasting and full of empathy with your business goals and your clients.”

Cooperation is key to succes. More minds spark energy and ideas, which benefits the results. So studio and prefers working in close cooperation with clients. There’s lots of knowledge and ideas within a business, so a project will be kicked-off together and the studio will touch base frequently during the proces.


About our services

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Brand identity design

Design is way more than a pretty look. Branding is one of the most important parts of your business. It is about building an identity for your company; the unique and memorable personality of your organization, one that distinguishes you from the other players in the market.

My main goal is to create a strong, memorable and flexible brand identity that invites your target in. One that stems from a clear brand strategy, inspired by the heart of your business. 

Because each project is different, I always create a custom proposal unique to the needs of you and your brand. But in most cases, building a brand will take place in three primary stages, as I believe this is the way forward to building a strong and future-proof brand that resonates with your clients. 

These primary stages are:

  1. Discovery and brand strategy

  2. Concepts design 

  3. Creation + Implementation.


Information design

Design is a powerful tool to tell your story. Especially complex pieces of information can benefit greatly from thoughtful structuring and visualisation, to make it clearer and more inviting.

I love collaborating with other professionals. My partner in crime for information design projects is Judith van Vliet. Her fabulous skills in communications, strategic advice & information design are indispensable in the projects we run together.

Where needed we will not hesitate to reach out to the target group. On the one hand to make sure we understand their lives, their needs and problems. But also to check concepts and design directions, learning where we need to refine, adjust and improve.

Also when it comes to information design, a strong foundation is key. The primary stages we use to work towards a successful design are:

  1. Gathering all the info and data and clarifying the project goals

  2. Analysis, structure, concepting

  3. Creation + Implementation


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